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 JARHEAD 2 - FIELD OF FIRE - USA (2014) JOSH KELLY (who replaced Jake Gyllenhaal in the sequel) AND UNIDENTIFIED (FRONTAL/REAR)‏

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some recent cable updates:

Michael Sheen was naked (rear view) in Sunday's Masters of Sex (s2e5)

Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) was briefly and unrevealingly naked in Sunday's True Blood (s7e7). A slightly better nude scene featured Riley Smith

Noah Matthews in True Blood (s7e6)

Omari Hardwick in Power (s1e7)

True Blood (s7e3) also had a nude scene with superhunk Joe Manganiello, but there's not much actually exposed.

True Blood (s7e3) did include rear nudity from Alexander Skarsgard

There was no nudity in s7e2 of True Blood, but there was a three-minute sex scene between Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgard.

Evan Handler again showed his bum in the final episode of Californication

Ryan Kwanten showed his bum in the season seven premiere of True Blood

Clayne Crawford flashed his buns on the season two premiere of Rogue Thursday night

Toby Schmitz did a full frontal scene in episode 9 of Black Sails

Greyston Holt flashed his bum on episode two of Bitten (various mirrors)

Rear exposure from Tom Bateman in episode six of The Tunnel (various mirror)

Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney and extras in this week's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (s9e9) 720p. The stars did not show anything, but they wrestled naked. The extras flashed their bums.

Mather Zickel in episode 4 of Masters of Sex (first aired Oct 20) (various mirrored links)

The October 4th episode of Strike Back (s4e8) featured another nude scene from Philip Winchester, and a separate sex scene with a bit of exposure from Sully Stapleton (those links lead to mirrored options)

Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton (along with four anonymous extras) flashed their butts on Friday night's Strike Back, s4e7 (mirrored links)

The Starz broadcast of The White Queen, episode 6, featured rear nudity from Aneurin Barnard that was not seen in the BBC version (film clip here, still below)

Michael C Hall gets naked (rear view) in Dexter, s8e8 (mirrored links)

Vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) was completely naked on the season six finale of True Blood. A few random extras flashed their butts in an unrelated scene, which is also included in the .zip file. (mirrored links)

Starz finally debuted the uncensored American version of The White Queen. Episode one featured the derriere of Max Irons, Jeremy's son. (Mirrored links)

Danny Huston did his second full-frontal nude scene in Friday's season two finale of Magic City (mirrored links)

The July 19th episode of Magic City (s2e5) featured rear nudity from Christian Escobar. He's probably a one-timer. He was chosen for this scene because he closely resembles another character. (Mirror creator links)

The July 14th edition of True Blood (s6e5) featured rear nudity from three guys: Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell and newcomer Rob Kazinsky (mirrored links)

Sam Trammell in True Blood s6e4 (July 7th) (Mirrored links)

A full rear view of Joe Manganiello's muscular physique in the season six premiere of True Blood (mirror creator)

Sean Harris - another full frontal nude scene from The Borgias, this time s3e8. (mirror creator)

Landon Liboiron in Hemlock Grove, episode 1 and 2. This is another new Netflix series. (View, MP4 Download)

Various mirrors of Richard Madden (playing Robb Stark) showing his buns in Game of Thrones (s3e7)

Here's the male nudity in Game of Thrones (s3e5). In one scene, Will Tudor and Finn Jones engage in some man-on-man action, but only Tudor shows any flesh below the waist. In the other scene, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau shows his bum and a brief rear peek at the ol' sac.

Sebastian de Souza in the new episode of The Borgias (s3e4)

Here's Joshua Sasse, full frontal and rear nudity in episode three of Rogue, a new DirecTV series

Full frontal and rear nudity from Ian Hart in episode 2 of Rogue, the new scripted original drama from DirecTV (various mirrored sites)

Liam McIntyre, Spartacus himself, shows off some flesh in episode 8 of series three

Ryan Farrell in The Americans (s1e8), a series which is getting more daring with the nudity.

Andrej Krukowski in The Americans (s1e7)

Todd Lasance once again showed off a toned physique in the March 8 Spartacus (s3e6)

Simon Merrells in the March 1 episode of Spartacus (s3e5)

Christian Antidormi in the March 1 episode of Spartacus (s3e5)

Josh Lawson showed his bum in House of Lies, s2e6

Friday's Spartacus, s3e4, featured frontal nudity from Simon Merrells as Crassus. Here is the download link. Below is the embedded file for immediate viewing.

One more from Spartacus s3e4: rear nudity from Christian Antidormi

It's a new Californication, so that means Evan Handler naked. (s4e4, multiple mirrors)

Spartacus s3e3 featured the usual excellent male action in 720p. Daniel Feuerriegel and Pana Hema Taylor had a sex scene, while an unidentified bit player showed an impressive physique in full frontal nudity.

Here's Todd Lasance as Julius Caesar in the (s3e2) episode of Spartacus (Mirror Creator links)

Tim Minchin's butt in the Jan 27th episode (s6e3) of Californication in HD (Various mirrored links)

The nudity from the Jan 27th episode (s2e3) of House of Lies in HD. Series regulars Don Cheadle and Josh Lawson exposed their bottoms, while a recurring character played by Taylor Gerard Hart added a brief frontal to his rear exposure. (Mirrored links)

Spartacus is back, and nature's balance has been restored (Mirror Creator links):

Stephen Moyer (Vampire Bill) in the season 5 finale of True Blood

Here's a .zip file of several captures of Jason Priestley's nude scene in the season two premiere of Call Me Fitz (HBO Canada)

other recent posts

Superstar Liam Neeson's character exposed his rear in A Million Ways to Die in the West. Oh, sure, Neeson is in his 60s; and there's no way to tell whether it's a body double; and it's a cheesy CAM capture, but, hey, it's Oskar freakin' Schindler!

This is not a pretty sight, but it's one of the world's iconic actors in the hottest movie in the world right now in terms of buzz: Gerard Depardieu completely naked in Abel Ferrara's Welcome to New York, a fictionalized version of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal. It is the talk of Cannes right now, even though it was not even entered in the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

James McAvoy's rear view in Filth (various mirrors)

Hoyt Richards in 2014's Dumbbells (various mirrors)

James McAvoy in Trance, in 1080p!! (Mirrored links)

Here are two HD film clips of Matthew McConaughey in The Paperboy, another one of the raunchy roles which have given him a second career as a brilliant and surprisingly dark character actor. (Various links from Mirror Creator)

John Cleese in Romance With a Double Bass (various links from Mirror Creator). He was nekkid for about ten minutes of the film.

Rear nudity from Daniel Radcliffe on the set of The F Word

Prince Harry in his Vegas romp, and the prince guarding the royal jewels.

Jason Biggs preparing for his frontal nude scene in American Reunion

Jason Biggs (frontal and rear) in American Reunion

Shia LeBeouf showed it all in the 8-minute film "Sigur Ros - Fjoegur piano

rom the LIFE magazine archive of unused photos: crooner Pat Boone naked.  (1, 2) I have no idea why a photographer from LIFE would have been taking nude photos of Pat Boone (and various athletes) in the 1950s. What were they planning to do with them? But LIFE has stuff like this in their archives.

Two rarely-seen frontal nude scenes from familiar stars (click thumbnail to enlarge):

C. Thomas Howell in A Tiger's Tale

Jim Carrey in All in Good Taste

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